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Digital Transformation Partner of Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality

Founded in 2018, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality comes as a Hub, developed with a clear focus on all services regarding the real estate market and more, making it an innovative company with a 360-degree coverage as the biggest real estate company in Southeast Europe. Contact us to learn more about how we helped them on their digital transformation journey.

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Digital Transformation Partner of Albanian Football Federation

Founded in 1930, Albania Federation Football is one of the top ten institutions in Albania. The year 2016 was the first year in history for Albania to qualify and participate in the Uefa Euro Championship. The federation has build new headquarters in Tirana and renovate the main Stadium by building a masterpiece in the centre of the capital. Contact us to learn more about how we helped them on their digital transformation journey.

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Odoo Experience 2022

Being part of the giant German group Maritim has made Marina Bay become a standard in our region and known as the most luxurious resort in the Balkan area. During Odoo Experience 2022, we had the chance to have a talk and explain how we made possible to land this big brand and replace three different softwares: POS, Accounting, PMS with Odoo and our dedicated hospitality verticalization.


Odoo Experience 2021

Zero at Odoo event as one of the three best new partners in Europe. Proud to represent Albania in Brussels with seriousness and dignity in the ERP market. An indicator that positions our services at the same level as serious partners in Europe and which reflects the progress of Albanian companies towards the path of digitalization and their advancement in ERP platforms for managing their operations.


Odoo Gold Partner

Zero is a leading Odoo Gold Partner in Southeast Europe.

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We have been chosen by Odoo as top 3 best new partners in Europe

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We are certified by Odoo which guaranty our professionalism.

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