Get Help From Consultants

Why we help in this way ?

We have build with Odoo an all-in-one portal to serve you better. When you submit your ticket here, it will be automatically posted in our portal and our team will take care of it, meanwhile you can easily check every communication.

Why you should submit ticket here ?

If you contact us directly through mail at the ticket will still be received automatically in our portal but you wont have a history of our communication and reporting.

How to use the help platform

1. Step One

  • One ticket should have only one request so we can both track it easily and give professional consultancy.

2. Step Two

To successfully report a ticket on the portal you must complete the following required fields :

  • Name : Your full name

  • Email : Your work email

  • Subject : A quick summary of the request

  • Description : A full detailed description of the request and the help you need. This part is very important as it serves us to help you better and give a professional service.

  • Attachments : Screenshot of the problem or a video record of the problem ( look the video how to record your screen ).

3. Step three

  • Click send button for the request to be delivered.

4. Step Four

  • Log in the portal and track the status of your ticket in your account.

How to Record Your Screen


What is the help portal ?

Helpdesk is the service portal where our customers can contact our consultancy support team to help them with their requests. 

What services are offered ?

- Assistance for any technical questions, ambiguities regarding the technical operations or request for support.
- Requests for instructions, training materials and explanatory videos for actions with the Odoo platform.
- Access to the service portal to report and track the status of each ticket.